How To Assemble The Brace SB Pulling Tool

Today we’re going to assemble a two inch SB pulling tool, and I’ll start now. So you take your skirt, put the bottom end facing up, install your dog spring and your dog washer. I like to use five eights open ended wrench for compressing the spring and dog washer. You grab your dog, press your spring, and insert the first dog, take your next dog, insert it, compress your spring.

Third dog usually goes in fairly easy, so you don’t need to compress the spring. All the dogs are installed. You want to make sure that they’re nice and flush with the outside so when you install your core, it doesn’t fall out.

Put some grease on your threads because you can’t grease them after they’re in there because they’re kept inside the housing, install your core, let it drop down in there, be careful when you're passing the dogs so you don’t knock them out, slide your core in, then you want to align your shear pin hole on your core with the shear pin hole on the skirt so that you can put a punch in it to install your core cap and core spring.

It takes a little bit to get it all aligned. Then a quarter inch punch goes through the shear pin hole. Little bit far there. Install it right in there, core spring, and your core nut goes in on top of that. There’s going to be a little spring tension when you try to assemble that. It’s a core cap wrench that we’ve designed to make installing easier. Press your core spring and thread the core cap onto the core.

Once that’s started, you can install the skirt into a vice. And this five eights wrench also works on this core cap extractor. Tighten that down pressing the spring which loads up the dogs, and you want to make sure that’s good and snug. You don’t want to over torque it. It’s fit and snug so there’s no chance it’ll ever come undone while you’re running in the well. Take it out of there, install your shear pin cover and your top sub. Tighten on your top sub using a crescent wrench.

If you were on a well, you could tighten it up tighter than that, but for this purpose, I’ll just snug it up. I always like to function test the tool after I build it. I like to function test mine without a fishneck in it at first to make sure the dogs are going to release properly. So pull the punch out, reach inside to make sure all the dogs are retracted all the way, and you can check it with the fishneck, make sure that it’s releasing properly.

And then we also like to check it while it’s pinned. This is not a good core retractor wrench I have here. You want to turn your shear pin covers so you can see the shear pin hole, line up your shear pin hole in the core with the skirt, make sure they’re all aligned properly, brass pin installed into the core. If it’s not aligned, move that.

Use the punch to make sure it’s in all the way, latch your fish neck to make sure it works. And we have a releasing tool which I should’ve had in the first place. A releasing tool to release your dogs, align it with the top of your dogs so they release, and release your hook. And there you have it.