How To Assemble The Brace GS Pulling Tool

Today I’ll show you how to disassemble and reassemble a 2” GS Pulling Tool. We’ll put the core into the device. Take an 8” Allen key and remove the set screw from the fish neck. Then we’ll remove the fish neck from the core.

You will slowly unthread the cylinder from the top sub so we can remove the shear pin. Use a ¼“punch and a hammer. There’ll be a little spring catch in here so that’ll fall when you remove your punch. Thread your cylinder the rest of the way off of the top sub. Top sub can be removed. Core spring can be taken out. You can slide your cylinder and dogs and everything off. Put it upside down. Cylinder coming off there.

There are four dogs in the tool. A dog retainer. A dog spring and a dog spring retainer. To reassemble it you take the dog retainer, put some grease in the slots where the dogs ride. That’ll help keep the dogs in place when you’re doing your assembly. Dogs slide into the slots. Once you have all four dogs installed you can slide your cylinder over the top of it. Turn it upside down, the dogs fall out the bottom here and stay there. Slide it onto your core.

Now your cylinder is sliding down all the way. Install our dog spring. Spring retainer. Core spring. And then the top sub. Lift your cylinder up and thread your top sub into your cylinder. And you want to thread that in until you’re just at the bottom of your shear pin hole.

We’ll leave the shear pin hole exposed so we can install the shear pin. Install our fish neck. Tighten it on. Install our set screw. At this point we use our spring compressor to compress our spring to align our shear pin holes. It just threads onto your pin and allows you to compress your spring.

You can install your shear pin with a hammer. Knock it in. Tap that in until it’s flush, not sticking out past your cylinder. Thread your cylinder on the rest of the way. If you’re going to now you tighten it on slightly with a pipe wrench torquing it. To function test to make sure it’s working properly you can just pull down on your dog retainer. Make sure your dogs are collapsing all the way into your tool so your fish neck can release up easily. Thank you.