1.87 B Shifting Tool

This video shows how to disassemble and reassemble a 1.87" B Shifting Tool.

This tool is used to open and close various types of Sliding Sleeves with Otis Style inner sleeves. These would include but are not limited to the Otis XA and XO, Baker CMU and CMD, Weatherford CXU, CXD, CFU, CFD and various other manufacturer's Sliding Sleeves.

Hello. I’m Clint Bowers of Brace Tool and today I’m going to show you how to disassemble and reassemble a 1 87 Otis Style B Shifting Tool. So this is a B Shifting Tool. Put the bar of the core in the brace. Remove the set screw from the fish neck. Loosen the fish neck from the bar. Remove the shear pin. Remove the collet and keys from the body. The collet holds your keys and your key retainers in place.

To remove the key retainer from the collet you just take this and hit it firmly down against the vise. You can remove your lower key retainer. Remove the keys. Each key has a spring. Your upper key retainer, to get that off, you push your key retainer up against the end of the collet and squeeze two in with your fingers, and then the other two, you can slide that right off.

One thing you want to make sure of when you’re dealing with the tool, the upper key retainer has tapers, and the lower key retainer is flat on these surfaces. If you put them in incorrectly it won’t match the recesses in the keys and you’ll damage your tool.

To install the upper key retainer onto the collet, I just put it on the vice and press it in there, slide it to the bottom. To install the lower one, I just, kind of, squeeze the collet in with my hands and install that on there. We take our key springs, slide them in there, and they go right into the holes in each key.

Then you align the tapers on the bottom of your key with the tapers on the upper key retainer, you can see those there. Turn your lower key retainer so it’s lined up, press it in place. Make sure the thing rotates freely and the keys can collapse easily. Install that back onto your body. Realign your shear pin hole. Slide that into place. Install your fish neck. Torque that back up to spec.Install your set screw and tighten it against there.

Always make sure you remove the set screw before you remove the fish neck or you’ll damage your body. The tool’s ready to use. Thank you.