X lock setting selectively in the nipple

Good morning. I’m Clint with Brace Tool and today I’m going to show you how to run a X lock in the selective position into an X profile. So this is our X profile. I have my X running tool and my X lock all pinned together already. It’s in the selective position, keys are pulled in. Locator dogs are in floating position.

So what will happen is you’ll run through your profile, once out the bottom and your locator dogs will pass through. Now they’re sticking out and they won’t come back through here without force. You pull it back into your nipple, you give it a good pull, that trips your running tool back into the non-selective position, tripped your keys into the floating position. You pull this back up through your nipple. Your keys are in the non-selective position now.

Then into your profile, they locate in the profile in the nipple. You jar down. That shears your top pin here allowing your core to move upwards and you pull up. Now they’re on the bottom pin of the X running tool and you jar up. That shears the bottom pin on your X running tool or even your lock set in your profile. Thank you.