BHP Equipment

Definition - What does BHP Equipment Equipment mean?

BHP Equipment is that equipment which helps in measuring and managing the wellbore pressure inside an oil or gas well. It helps in ensuring the right amount of pressure inside the bore in order to make the fluid travel towards the surface by its own.

BHP in BHP Equipment stands for “Bottom Hole Pressure”. BHP is measured in the fluid filled wellbore and the general equation for its measurement is:

BHP = 0.052 x Mud Weight x True Vertical Depth

Mud weight is in pounds per gallon and True vertical depth is measured in feet.

Bracetool explains BHP Equipment

There are variety of BHP equipment used in the oilfield applications, namely:

  • Bombwells – These equipment are used when the condition of wellbore is harsh i.e. there is lot of vibrations and high pressure caused by fluids inside the wellbore. This equipment provide protective housing to the downhole equipment.
  • Collar Stops – This equipment helps in provide a robust anchoring in the tubing.
  • Hold Downs (No – Blows) – This equipment does not allow tool string to get pushed because of sudden pressure created by flowing gas.
  • J – Unlatching tool – This tool works in the conjunction with J tool at the pre-determined depths.
  • J – Heads – This tool functions in conjunction with the J-Unlatch Running Tool.
  • No – Go Darts – These are fluted darts whose primary purpose is to be used as a platform to set on profile nipples, records and few other instruments.
  • Tubing Stops – This tools is also used as a platform.