BO Shifting Tool

Definition - What does BO Shifting Tool Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, the function of the shifting tool is to open, close & shift the position of the flow circulation devices or sleeves inside the bore hole. The operations performed using shifting tools are conducted without making the hydrocarbon production process to halt. The BO type shifting tools is specially designed to selectively shift the inner sleeve of a sliding sleeve to the down position only.

Bracetool explains BO Shifting Tool

In an oil well, there can be numerous sliding side doors at various location so in such cases in order to slide a particular sliding side door, a selective BO shifting tool is used. Also, this tool name suggest that it is used to select only that sliding sleeve which needs to be moved. Thus, it selectively locates & shifts the sliding sleeve.

The BO shifting tool from Brace Tool works in two ways, either, it only shifts a selective sliding side door or it functions like X-line running tool.