Coiled Tubing Equipment

Definition - What does Coiled Tubing Equipment Equipment mean?

Coiled tubing equipment is a well intervention equipment or unit on which the coiled tubing is mounted and is injected into the well. It consists of coiled tubing reel, a Power Pack to provide hydraulic power to the unit, a Control Cabin comprising of all the controls and instrumentation, an Injector Head to guide and inject the coiled tubing and a Pressure Control System for well control.

Bracetool explains Coiled Tubing Equipment

During the Oil & Gas E&P activities well workover and intervention processes has to be conducted in order to make the production process efficient and increase the life of oil or gas well. The coiled tubing equipment is injected in the wellbore as a part of one of the well workover and intervention tool. The coiled tubing equipment runs down the wellbore over slickline, or coiled tubing or electric line. A coiled tubing equipment/ unit primarily comprises of a tubing reel, an injector to guide and inject the tubing into the wellbore, control console comprising of all controls and instrumentation, a power pack and a pressure control system. It is a cost and time-effective solution for well intervention operations in comparison to conventional work over rigs.