CRD Pulling Tool

Definition - What does CRD Pulling Tool Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, the function of the pulling tool is to pull out the fallen or left over tools or components of any equipment into the wellbore without making the hydrocarbon production process to halt.

The CRD pulling tool is also called as a Collet pulling tool. Actually, it is the collet pulling tool that performs a jar down CRD or jar up CRU functionality. The purpose of this tool is to pull the wireline equipment down the hole with the external fish necks.

Bracetool explains CRD Pulling Tool

Pulling tools falls under the well workover and intervention processes and are used to maintain the life of an oil well. One end of Pulling tools have fishing necks that can grab the bits & pieces from the wellbore and other end is attached to the wireline equipment.

In the collet pulling tool or the CRD pulling tool, there is a 360 degree surrounding of the fishneck of the subsurface flow control device once the collet of this tool slides over the fish neck. The ideology behind this coverage is that all type of fish necks, either broken or twisted or any other faulty subsurface flow device can be pulled out at once. The jarring and the shear holding capacity of this type of pulling tool is maximum compared to other type of pulling tools.