Downhole Tools

Definition - What does Downhole Tools Equipment mean?

Downhole Tools are pieces of oilfield equipment that are used during well drilling, completion and intervention or well workover activities and helps the oil well in optimizing the production levels and maintain a continuous flow from a reservoir.

There are many types of downhole tools that are used to conduct well activities such as slickline tools & equipment, wireline tools & equipment, example, drilling jars, fishing tools, pushing tools, drill pipes, tubular tools, centralizers, etc.

Bracetool explains Downhole Tools

The primary purpose of using downhole tools is to carryout workover operations and well completion process as well as examining the reservoir properties such as rock, sand, liquid by bringing their sample on the well surface. They are mostly used during extreme temperatures and pressure conditions.

Downhole tools helps in minimizing the cost involved in performing oil recovery related activities from an oil well and helps in improving the life of an oil well and thus, improving the continuous flow of fluid. These tools performs various operations such as fishing of any left over equipment / tool in the borehole, repairing & performing any cementing and well casing operations, well measurement, creating fracs in the reservoir bed, etc.