GS Pulling Tool

Definition - What does GS Pulling Tool Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, the function of the pulling tool is to pull out the fallen or left over tools or components of any equipment into the wellbore without making the hydrocarbon production process to halt.

The GS pulling tool is one of the types of pulling tool whose function is to pull out any subsurface flow control devices which have internal fishing neck. It gets deployed with the internal fishing neck and thus retrieves them.

Bracetool explains GS Pulling Tool

Pulling tools falls under the well workover and intervention processes and are used to maintain the life of an oil well. One end of Pulling tools have fishing necks that can grab the bits & pieces from the wellbore and other end is attached to the wireline equipment.

The GS type pulling tool is used in the situations where any downward jarring is needed on the subsurface tool before pulling it out from the wellbore. These tools comes with a pinning ring fitted that helps in providing ease of pinning. The shear pin placement is through GS tool’s top cylinder sub and core. The lower end of these tools is held in place by a dog retainer. The downward jarring action provides a shearing function of GS pulling tools.

Once the cylinder touches the top of the internal fishing neck of the subsurface tool, the pin is sheared which allows the dog to retract up to tapered recess of core because of spring action. The tension created keep the dogs retracted and then pulling tool releases from the fish.