Hydraulic tubing Punch

Definition - What does Hydraulic tubing Punch Equipment mean?

A hydraulic tubing punch is a device used when the well workover operations needs to be conducted at a rapid pace as well as provide a safe, effective and dependable solution for perforating the tubing. A hydraulic tubing punch controls the punching or perforating the tubing and works without explosives or detonators. It is useful when a single perforating hole is needed in the casing or well tubing.

Bracetool explains Hydraulic tubing Punch

Hydraulic tubing punch allows an easy path between the casing or well tubing and the annulus so that the well workover operations can be conducted with ease. This device offers conveyance flexibility such as it can be run on a slickline, coiled tubing or electric line.

Hydraulic tubing punch is designed in three common tubing sizes as per industry requirements such as having 2.375, 2.875 and 3.50 inch tubing size. Also this device has an option of choosing the style of firing pin and shell caps. Two such styles are available, namely, Centre Fired and Rim Fired.

Some of the benefits of hydraulic tubing punch are as follows:

  • Provides explosive free perforating, thus improved reliability & safety. Also it eliminates the logistics requirement for carrying explosives at the worksite as it operates without explosives.
  • Comply with HSE.
  • Minimizes the cost of perforating the casing or well tubing.
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging annular tubular.
  • Can be taken down into the wellbore over slickline, electric line or coiled tubing.