Otis Lock Mandrels

Definition - What does Otis Lock Mandrels Equipment mean?

The lock mandrels are the downhole devices that performs the locking action between the various tools & equipment down the borehole. These devices run down the bore hole on a slickline and can be joined within the tubing string. These devices helps in setting the flow control devices to their correct position. Some devices that are set by lock mandrels include plugs, chokes & valves.

Bracetool explains Otis Lock Mandrels

These mandrel locks are of three main types:

  • The slip lock
  • The collar lock and
  • The nipple lock

All these types have different means of locating and securing. So when the slip lock is run down the borehole on slickline, wherever it finds a suitable diameter size of tubing, it automatically anchors itself. The function of the collar lock is to locate itself between the space within tubing collars and the nipple lock locates within completion nipple profiles.

Some of the lock mandrels manufactured by Brace Tools include:

  • Coiled Tubing Lock
  • D Lock
  • R Lock
  • RN Lock
  • S Lock
  • SN Lock
  • TQ Lock
  • W Lock
  • X Lock
  • XN Lock
  • Z Lock