Packoff Equipment

Definition - What does Packoff Equipment Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, Packoff Equipment is an equipment that helps in isolating the wellbore by packing it all around the drill string. The isolation can happen either by a specialized material such as any fluid or plastic or rubber. Packing of wellbore happens because of various reasons, but the common reason of using a packoff equipment is when the drilling fluid fails to transport the cuttings and cavings out of the annulus which causes or may cause some damages to the wall of the wellbore around the drill string.

Bracetool explains Packoff Equipment

There are many types of Packoff Equipment available. Namely:

  • ‘A’ Packoff – This equipment has a rubber which expands to fit across the wellbore and is used in tandem as a standalone packoff for packing off the damaged or the deteorating tubing when there is an unavailability of the plugging equipment.
  • ‘AR’ Tubing Stop Packoff – These packoff equipment are fitted over the integral joints where the coupling does not happen. It sets on the tubing string which do not have any upsets. Used at places where more secured and positive barrier is needed compared to conventional slip type stop.
  • ‘A’ Slip top Packoff – It helps in various wellbore operations such as plunger lift operations, many wireline operations, also helps in preventing the debris to fall back into the wellbore.
  • ‘ASB’ Tubing Stop Packoff – This equipment works similar to AR tubing stop with a small difference that this packoff equipment sits on “Baker” style plugs such that the equipment has no interference with the fishing neck.

Some other packoff equipment commonly used are:

  • ‘B’ Slip Stop Packoff
  • ‘BR’ Tubing Stop
  • ‘G’ Anchor
  • ‘G’ Element
  • Separation Sleeves BKO
  • Separation Sleeves OTIS