Pulling Tools

Definition - What does Pulling Tools Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, the function of the pulling tool is to pull out the fallen or left over tools or components of any equipment into the wellbore without making the hydrocarbon production process to halt. Pulling tools falls under the well workover and intervention processes and are used to maintain the life of an oil well. One end of Pulling tools have fishing necks that can grab the bits & pieces from the wellbore and other end is attached to the wireline equipment.

Bracetool explains Pulling Tools

A pulling tools used in oilfield applications, helps in pulling out the broken, fallen or leftover tools and components from the wellbore. A pooling tools comes with a complete assembly which consists of various internal tools and electronic components (called as pulling tool modules) that are connected by threads and groves at each end. These pulling tools modules are electronically actuated and powers the pulling arm of the pulling tool. It generally has a drive wheel mechanism that powers the pulling arm and allows one end of pulling tool i.e. the one which has fishing neck to connect and grab the tool inside borehole.

Pulling tools are used to remove plugs, flow control equipment and comes in various sizes. The profile of the pulling tool should be compatible with the tool that has to be removed from borehole.