R Running Tool

Definition - What does R Running Tool Equipment mean?

R type running tool is specially designed for providing a service of either running or setting the Otis R & RN type lock mandrels. The main feature of this running tool is that it can run or move in either non selective or selective position.

A Running Tool in general, is a special type of tool which helps in taking the downhole tools down the wellbore for well inspection, workover and intervention purposes. One of the example that we can consider for a running tool is “Wireline running tool” which is installed inside the wellbore to retrieve the gas lift valves. They also helps in placing the plugs and packers at their correct locations inside the wellbore.

Bracetool explains R Running Tool

A running tool is useful in placing the downhole tools at their respective positions deep inside the wellbore. Once this purpose is achieved, the running tools are retrieved back from the wellbore. Whenever any wireline or slickline operations are to be performed, running tools are needed that runs down the wellbore over an unbraided string (called slickline) and takes the necessary tools / equipment down the borehole.

The R type running tool has two modes of operations:

  • A selective mode in which this running tool runs through the landing nipples
  • A non-selective mode in which the R & RN type lock mandrel locate the corresponding nipple itself.