Thru tubing Equipment

Definition - What does Thru tubing Equipment Equipment mean?

Thru tubing equipment pertains to the special sets of thru tube tools (also called as downhole tools) that are used to perform thru tubing operations on a live well. Thru tubing equipment helps in the reservoir or wellbore treatment with the help of tubing string. The thru tubing treatments does not ask for stopping or killing the production from the oil well as these treatments are conducted while the well is producing.

Bracetool explains Thru tubing Equipment

Thru tubing equipment forms a set of tools that are used to perform various treatment or operations on an oil or gas well such as fishing & pulling activities, cutting, connecting & indexing activities, isolation activities, stimulation activities, etc. Some of the types of thru tubing equipment / tools that are used commonly includes:

  • Circulating Disconnect – With the help of this tool, the hydrocarbon fluid flows from Circulating Disconnect tool's internal diameter to the annulus. The flow can be disconnected by dropping a ball which is connected to a tool string.
  • Dual Circulating Sub – This tool performs the operation of circulating disconnect tool as well as it consists of piston which forces the fluid to pass through on the basis of differential pressure.
  • Dual Flapper Check Valve – It is used only when there is a need for adding a unidirectional barrier to bottom hole assembly. The purpose of flappers in this type of check valve is to provide a very high pressure barrier in one direction.
  • Dual Flapper Disconnect – It provides functionality of Circulating Disconnect as well as Dual Flapper Check Valve in one tool only. As the name suggest, this tool consists of
    • A circulating disconnect functionality that can be disconnected by dropping a metallic ball.
    • Dual flapper type check valve assembly.
  • Coil Connector Full Slip – This tool helps in connecting the end of the tubing coil with the bottom hole assembly.
  • Hydraulic Disconnect – This tool operates hydraulically and operations are similar to circulating disconnect tool.
  • Motor head Assembly – This tool provides functionalities of Dual Flapper Check Valve, Dual Circulating Sub and a Circulating Disconnect tool and is motor actuated.