Wireline Bailers

Definition - What does Wireline Bailers Equipment mean?

Wireline bailers falls in the category of wireline service tools whose purpose is to remove any blockage caused by debris or sand or similar particles from the bottom of the wellbore. These tools are taken down into the wellbore with the help of slickline to operate at the bottom of the wellbore so that blocked passage can be cleared.

Bracetool explains Wireline Bailers

Many times it becomes difficult to remove the sand or other debris fallen deep into the bottom of the wellbore and thus, cause obstructions in the smooth circulation of hydrocarbons through the casing perforations. For cleaning such challenging unwanted debris, wireline bailers are used.

These wireline bailers can be of two types:

  • Sand Bailer
  • Hydrostatic Bailer

Sand bailers are less complex than hydrostatic bailers and are primarily used for removal of sand and debris from the wellbore. This equipment has an atmospheric chamber within it, where it stores the debris and sand moved into this chamber because of surge of fluids. The debris and sand is later recovered at the surface.

The hydrostatic bailers also removes sand and debris, but from the areas where sand bailers failed to remove debris and sand, such as around the fishing neck of the downhole tools and equipment.