Wireline Equipment

Definition - What does Wireline Equipment Equipment mean?

Wireline equipment is defined as a part of wireline & slickline setup. Basically, a wireline & slickline combined together is called as a wireline equipment. It consists of smooth, shinny, an unbraided string which is called a slickline that is attached to the wireline equipment. This string is taken down the borehole to perform various well workover & intervention activities.

Bracetool explains Wireline Equipment

There are many uses for which wireline tools & equipment are used. Some of the primary purpose of wireline & slickline tools that are taken inside borehole with the help of wireline equipment is as follows:

  • These tools helps in evaluating the reservoir & rock properties.
  • Helps in locating casing collars.
  • The current formation pressure in the reservoir as well as pore size can be examined with the help of wireline tools.
  • Helps in Identifying properties of liquid present in the reservoir.
  • Helps in bringing the sample of fluid from the reservoir to the well surface for examining in the laboratories.

Below are some of the listed tools that can be fed inside the wellbore using wireline equipment in the oilfield:

a)Wireline tool string;

b)Pulling tools;

c)Slickline tools;

d)Running tools;

e)Wireline Grab;

f)Blind box;


h)Fishing tools;

i) Shifting tools & many more.