Wireline Pressure Control

Definition - What does Wireline Pressure Control Equipment mean?

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment are one of the types of Pressure Control Equipment which helps in maintaining the optimal pressure levels inside a wellbore when any well intervention operations are performed by an operator in any easy or arduous conditions. All such equipment are manufactured with the intent that they can withstand arduous conditions and thus use stringent quality standards.

Bracetool explains Wireline Pressure Control

Wireline pressure control equipment consists of various wireline equipment or mostly wireline valves that helps in maintaining the pressure levels inside the wellbore during well workover and intervention processes.

These valves are called as:

  • Wireline valves
  • Compact hydraulic wireline valves
  • Wireline valve equalising systems
  • Wireline valve Ram configurations

All these equipment are manufactured as per international standards and meets API 6A specifications.

There is a varying pressure ratings these products are designed and manufactured. The rating ranges from 3000 psi to 20,000 psi rated pressure control equipment.