Coil Connector- Full slip

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The Full Slip/Dimple Connector is used to connect a BHA to the end of the Coil Tubing. Grub Screws dimple the pipe and provide for torque transmission. The Slip ensures that axial load is transferred into the Coiled Tubing, increasing the strength of the Connector grip onto the Coiled Tubing. The Connector design provides an uninterrupted bore for Drop Ball operations.

The Slip Type Coiled Tubing Connector comprises of a Top and Bottom Sub, which contains the Slip and Spacer Ring. The dressed Coiled Tubing is simply stabbed into the Connector and the Bottom Sub is rotated. An over pull is applied to set the Slip onto the Coiled Tubing then the Bottom Sub is made up further and the lock and Anti-rotation screws fitted.

The connection on the bottom sub is manufactured to suit BHA requirments.