JUC Pulling Tool

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JUC Pulling Tool is designed in such a way that it has a long core with a short reach. The “JU” series is divided into three parts named as JUC-U, JUC-2, and JUC-TD. The JUC-2 increases the limit of OD to maximum whereas JUC-U and JUC-TD reduce the value of OD


Used when there is a need to jar up to shear off of a subsurface tool and/or fish when a jar down tool is not desired. The core may be easily changed in the field to allow for a deeper or shallower reach depending on application. The BT JUC pulling tool is able to be turned into a BT JDC by simply changing the fishneck and adding a core cap.


Ensure the proper core is installed so as the tool can properly be sheared, the improper core may result in the inability to release the subsurface tool and/or fish.

Care should be taken to inspect the dogs, skirt, and fishneck for damage such as metal . fatigue, cracking , or deformity of the metal.