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What is the R Running Tool?

The R Running Tool is designed to facilitate the efficient running and setting of R and RN locks in R and RN nipples. This versatile tool provides two distinct running modes, Selective and Non-Selective, catering to specific well completion requirements.

Running Modes

In the Selective mode, the running tool can run and set the R Lock in the desired nipple while being able to pass through R Nipples of the same size or larger. In the Non-Selective mode, the R or RN Lock can be run and set in the first nipple of that same size and type R or RN. For more assurance, using the R Check Set Tool to ensure correct setting of the Locks is recommended.


  • Running and setting R and RN Locks in corresponding nipples.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Selective and Non-Selective running modes, providing flexibility in deployment based on the wellbore conditions and lock specifications.
  • Available in different sizes.