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The Brace Tool Safety Timer is used to electronically activate down hole slickline tools. It was primarily designed to be used with the hydraulic sand line cutter in place of the mechanical striker or pressure activated top sub. It utilizes patented technology which ensures that activation of the tools will only be completed at the correct time in the well bore. In addition to its many safety features it is simple to use and offers greater reliability when compared to other activation methods.


The timer will be set by Brace Tool prior to being installed in the tool string.

The tool requires a safety magnet be installed prior to installation of the battery. After installing the battery and mounting the tool to the tool string the magnet is removed which initiates a timer sequence. The tool must be lowered into the wellbore to the desired depth before the set time which typically set at 60mins.

When using the timer with the sand line cutter the reduced line weight will indicate that the tool has activated correctly.

Remove the tool from the well bore. Note that batteries are to be disposed of after each trip downhole and that the timer must be reset by Brace Tool after each tool activation. Multiple Timers and battery packs will be required if more that one trip downhole is expected.