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What is the X Running Tool?

The X Running Tool is designed for the deployment and setting of subsurface flow control devices with X® and XN® lock mandrels. These devices are intended to land in corresponding selective or no-go landing nipples within the wellbore. The X Running Tool offers the flexibility to operate in either selective or non-selective modes.

Running Modes

In selective mode, operators can run devices through landing nipples of the same size and type. The operator can then perform manipulations at the desired location nipple before setting the device. Alternatively, in non-selective mode, the lock mandrel automatically locates the first corresponding nipple.


  • Deployment and setting flow control devices equipped with X® and XN® lock mandrels.
  • Suitable for landing flow control devices in selective or no-go landing nipples.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Includes and integrated fishneck designed to match industry standard connections.
  • Available in different sizes.