Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment

Definition - What does Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment Equipment mean?

Coiled tubing pressure control equipment are the set of various equipment with the primary purpose of mitigating the tremendous amount of pressure being developed because of high vibrations caused by fluids, or back pressure or kicks, etc when coiled tubing equipment is taken deep into the wellbore for well workover and intervention processes.

Bracetool explains Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment

There are various equipment that becomes the part of Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment namely:

  • Blowout Preventers (Wireline Valve's) - The primary purpose of blowout preventer (Wireline Valve) is to control the pressure created inside the wellbore because of sudden pressure surge or back pressure kick and avoid any situation of well blowout.
  • Stripper Packers - The prupose of this equipment is to make a protective shield around (pack-off) around the coiled tubing when it is stripped in and out of the wellbore.
  • Wellhead Adapters - This equipment provides a direct connection between the wellhead and the surface pressure equipment.