JDC Pulling Tool

Definition - What does JDC Pulling Tool Equipment mean?

JDC pulling tool is one of the types of pulling tool which is designed to pull the left over or fallen components or debris, or any tool into the wellbore without stopping the production stream or harming the internal wall of the well.

One unique property of this tool that differentiates it from other pulling tool is that it picks up sub-surface tools with the help of external JDC style fish neck.

Bracetool explains JDC Pulling Tool

A JDC pulling tool is different from other types of pulling tools in a way that it functions in conjunction with the external JDC style fish neck. This tool has been specially designed in such a way that it engages external fishing necks inside the wellbore of the sub-surface devices. The word “JDC” has a meaning for its easy reference and categorization.

The alphabet “J” stands for Pulling tool series, alphabet “D” stands for Downward Jarring is needed to shear the pin and tool release and the alphabet “C” stands for Long Core, Short Reach.