Slickline Equipment

Definition - What does Slickline Equipment Equipment mean?

A slickline equipment is sometimes also known as a Wireline equipment and is considered to be a part of wireline & slickline setup. Basically, a wireline & slickline combined together is called as a slickline or wireline equipment. It consists of smooth, shinny, an unbraided string which is called a slickline that is attached to the slickline & wireline equipment. This string is taken down the borehole and various slickline & wireline tools are sent inside the borehole attached to the string to perform various well workover & intervention activities.

Bracetool explains Slickline Equipment

Tools which can be attached to the slickline and lowered into the well bore for well workover and intervention purposes are called slickline tools and the complete setup on which slickline is attached is called as slickline or wireline equipment. A slickline is an unbraided strand wire which is smooth, shinny & has varying wire length depending on the depth of an oil well. The length of the slickline can be up to 35000 feet which means that the slickline tools can be sent along this wire deep inside the well upto great depths.

There are various types of slickline tools used in the oilfield applications. Some of them are:

  • Jar
  • Stem
  • Pulling tools
  • Gauge cutter or gauge ring
  • Lead impression block
  • Sample & Stroke bailer
  • Hydrostatic bailer
  • Running tools