Kickover Tool - OK-5 - New Tool

Kickover Tool  - OK-5 - New Tool


The OK-5 Kickover Tool is used to install and retrieve 1” O.D. gas lift valves into side-pocket mandrels containing an orienting sleeve.

The OK-5 Kickover Tool is similar to the OK-1 Kickover Tool except that it uses a ball and spring design in order to allow easy redress operations.


The OK-5 Kickover Tool is a wireline service tool used to install and retrieve 1”O.D. wireline devices in a 1” series side pocket mandrels using selective orienting feature. (Orienting sleeve).

This Kickover Tool must be used with either a running or a pulling tool. Especially suited for use in straight-hole or highly deviated wells, the Kickover Tool consists of a 1 3/8” fishing neck with a 15/16”-10 pin thread connection on top, a locating latch, kickover springs, and an arm assembly with a 15/16”–10 box thread connection at the bottom for the attachment of a running or pulling tool.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

The OK-5 Kickover Tool requires only “snapping” the arm assembly back into position against the barrel for rerunning the tool. In normal running and pulling operations no repining of parts is required.

After running or pulling operation the arm adapter and arm are pushed against the barrel using a detent spring arrangement to lock lower adapter, arm, and arm adapter in position. Once the arm adapter is locked in position, finger housing and finger move upward and are back into “set” position and ready for the next kickover operation.

Running and pulling can be accomplished rapidly without removing tool from wireline tool string for disassembly or repining requirements.

The OK – 5 Kickover Tool is a positive orienting tool that was designed to give the operator the most versatile and easy to use tool on the market.

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