4 1/16'' 5K Dual Hydraulic Wireline Valve

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To enable well pressure to be isolated and released from the lubricator without closing wellbore valves.


The solid block body has a vertical full bore section to allow movement of wireline tools in and out of the wellbore.

The horizontal ends of the cross often referred to as “The Body” or “Ram Housing” contains rams, with inner and outer seals. Rams can be cycled in and out of the ram housing by using hydraulic actuators if the valve is set up with hydraulics or by a manual T handle if the valve is set up as a manual .

An Equalizing Assembly is located on the side of the main Body along with two Bleed Off Ports and located 90o from ram housings. By opening an Allen wrench operated valve seat the equalizing assembly allows pressure to equalize from the wellbore to the lubricator with the rams closed.

Wireline Valve is fitted with compatible hand/quick unions for installation with surface equipment.

Wireline Valve typically seal and hold pressure from below.


The wireline valve is used to isolate wellbore pressure when lubricator/stuffing box pressure integrity is lost.

Fishing operations.

Contain well pressure for lubricator removal, should wellhead valves malfunction or freeze off.

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