The AD-2 Tubing Stop by Brace Tool is a specialized tool meticulously engineered to secure tubing strings without upsets. This spring-loaded tubing stop provides a reliable means of setting slips, enhancing stability in integral joints where couplings are absent.

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The AD-2 Tubing Stop shares a comparable function with an A Slip Stop. It finds application in tubing strings lacking upsets, particularly at integral joints where a coupling is absent.

What sets the AD-2 Tubing Stop apart is its spring-loaded mechanism, ensuring a more secure and reliable method for setting the slips. It also comes equipped with an internal fishneck as a standard feature, enhancing its versatility in various wellbore conditions.

This design feature enhances its efficiency and effectiveness in ensuring the integrity of the tubing string during operations.


  • Can be set in the wellbore to provide a platform for numerous wireline operations.
  • Used with the plunger lift or as a safeguard to prevent debris from falling down the wellbore.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism, providing a secure and reliable means of setting the slips in tubing strings without upsets.
  • Designed for use at integral joints where a coupling is not present.
  • Comes standard with an internal fishneck.