C-1 Running Tool

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What is the C-1 Running Tool?

The C1 running tool is designed for the efficient usage and setting of a range of Baker style S, W, and Z lock assemblies. It is compatible with various Baker style equipment utilizing an external fishing neck and incorporates a smart design featuring no-go rings. These rings playa role in preventing the running tool from passing through profiles that have pre-determined subsurface tools attached or pinned to the running tool. his ensures a secure and controlled operation, adding an extra layer of reliability to the deployment process.


  • Running and setting various types of Baker style lock assemblies.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multiple pinning options based on specific scenarios, including pinning lock assemblies, selective lock assemblies (S Type), plugs with removable equalizing mandrels, and W and Z lock assemblies.
  • No-go lock assembly design for W and Z lock assemblies, eliminating the need for shanks during normal setting procedures.
  • Available in different sizes.