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The Dual Flapper is used as a one double barrier check valve when there is a desire to retain pressure from below the valve and still have the ability to pump, or inject down through the tool.


The Dual Flapper is generally used in conjunction with the BT Otis X or R Locks.


The pressure rating (7,500 psi) stated on the Dual Flapper assembly drawing that was third party tested under the supervision of Brace Tool Inc. Any pressure that exceeds the pressure (7,500 psi) stated on the assembly drawing has not been tested;therefore, the integrity of the tool, and more importantly safety cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, the tool tested was brand new at the time of testing and had not been subjected to any sources of stress or wear. It is important to note that repeated or prolonged use of the tool may cause material fatigue and/ or failure at pressures lower than the pressure stated on the assembly drawing. The pressure test charts are available when needed for reference.

* Available in sizes 1.625", 1.75" and 2.12" sizes *