F Tubing Stop Running Tool

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What is the F Tubing Stop Running Tool?

The F Tubing Stop Running Tool is a straightforward solution designed for the efficient deployment of the F Tubing Stop. This tool has a simple design with a single part. Its key feature is a multi-diameter shaft with shear pin holes, enabling the tool to accommodate multiple sizes of F Tubing Stops.


To operate the F Tubing Stop Running Tool, simply pin the desired size of F Tubing Stop onto the tool and attach it to the tool string. Run F Stop to desired depth and pull up through a tubing upset to release trip wires. Jar down to set the F stop and shearing the pin in the running tool.


  • The primary application of the F Tubing Stop Running Tool is for running and deploying F Tubing Stops in wellbores.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick and efficient installation process for the F Tubing Stop.
  • Equipped with shear pin holes on the multi-diameter shaft. This feature allows the shearing of the pin during the installation process, ensuring a secure engagement of the F Tubing Stop.
  • Available in different sizes.