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The G Anchor can be set in the tubing strings without upsets, typically used in integral joint tubing where couplings do not exist. Used primarily for straddle pack offs, or tubing pack offs.


Internal fishing neck, when setting, the tapered slip carrier forces the slips tight to the inner tubing wall.

Ran with a shear down pulling tool, “G” Running Tool, or a GS. Pulled with a “GS” or “GR” pulling tool.


Attach to desired running tool and lower into wellbore to desired depth. Set slips by jarring tapered fishneck down and forcing slips against inner tubing wall, shear off and remove tool string wellbore.

To retrieve the G Anchor, attach the GS / GR to tool string and lower into wellbore, latch and jar up to release the slip from the taper, remove from wellbore.