GA-2 Running Tool

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What is the GA-2 Running Tool?

The GA2 Running tool is used to run gas lift valves into side pocket mandrels. It can be attached to various kickover tools that have a 5/8” sucker rod connection in the kick arm. The GA2 Running tool is pinned to the gas lift valve and utilizes a shear mechanism to release the valve after installing it into the side pocket mandrel. The tool incorporates an adjustable plunger to stabilize the valve. The valve is first pinned to the tool followed by tightening the adjustable plunger against the valve being run. This allows the valve to be securely held while being run and installed in the side pocket mandrel.


  • Running gas lift valves into side pocket mandrels.
  • Used in conjunction with Kickover Tools designed for 1” valves.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 5/8” S.R. pin top connection with a 1-3/16” external fishneck.
  • Latches 1” valves that have a 7/8” diameter external fishneck.
  • Offers a an adjustable plunger to adjust the play between the running tool and the valve.