R Equalizing Assembly

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Provides a single run to set and a single run to pull plugging system.


The “R” Equalizing Assembly consists of three parts: - Valve Housing, Equalizing Valve (Collet), and End Cap. The valve housing connects to the packing mandrel of the “R” lock assembly. The valve housing has a standard no-go shoulder as does all “R” line accessories, to accommodate locating “RN” lock assemblies into no-go nipple profiles. Two to four 1/16" equalizing ports are drilled through the housing body. The equalizing valve has two sealing rings, for sealing the area containing the equalizing ports. Collet fingers are located at the lower end of the valve to lock it in a closed sealing position. The “R” Equalizing Assembly requires running and pulling prongs. The running prong pushes and holds the equalizing valve off of the sealing position, the running prong then closes the equalizing assembly as the running tool is sheared from the plug assembly. The pulling prong pushes the equalizing valve down off the seat as the pulling tool engages the lock mandrel assembly.


The “R” Equalizing Assembly can be used for other applications such as electronic shut in tools and check valves.

Sizes include: 1.71, 1.78, 2.12, 2.18, 2.56