Rotary Wireline Cutter

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The Rotary Line Cutter is a specialized cutting tool created for situations involving stuck wireline or slickline. This tool is precisely deployed into the wellbore, where it strategically lands on the tool or obstruction within the tubing.

Through the deployment of a Go Devil drop bar, the rotary cutter initiates the cutting process while concurrently securing the tool onto the line above the cut. Upon retrieval of the line to the surface, the tool is seamlessly brought up as well, removing the need for additional and potentially complex fishing operations.

The Rotary Line Cutters are commonly sold with a

Go Devil Drop bar of the same diameter.


  • Cutting and retrieving stuck wireline in the tubing or wellbore.
  • Removing tools or obstructions lodged within the tubing

Key Features & Benefits

  • Different wedge sizes are installed to secure various diameters of stuck line to the tool.
  • The tool can be installed over top of a line suspended over the well.
  • Small Shear pin ensure the tool will not cut untill struck by the Drop Bar.
  • Hardened tool steel fixed and rotary knives for tool longevity.