Safety Firing Head

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What is a Safety Firing Head?

The Safety Firing Head offers a method of mechanical activation for setting bridge plugs, perforators or other devices without the use of E-Line. The tool relies on downward jarring to sever a shear pin allows a firing pin to activate a charge in the tool connected beneath the Safety Firing Head. To avoid unplanned activations of charges at surface this tool comes equip with a safety sleeve which can be threaded against the top sub which effectively disables the shear mechanism. When the tool is ready to be lowered into the well bore the safety sleeve is threaded away from the fishneck which allows the shear pin to be sheared upon downward jarring.


  • Verifying whether R Locks have been correctly set into profiles of corresponding sizes.
  • Identifying instances where locks are incorrectly set.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Features a pin mechanism designed to shear off if the fishneck of the R Lock is completely collapsed the fishneck of the R Lock is completely collapsed.
  • Specifically designed for use with R Locks, providing targeted verification for this specific tool targeted verification for this specific tool.
  • Available in different material and sizes.