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What is the X Check Set?

The X Check Set is used to verify the proper setting of X Locks into profiles of corresponding sizes. It provides a reliable means of confirmation by employing a pin mechanism that shears off if the fishneck of the X Lock is fully collapsed. By precisely locating the lock with the X Check Set and applying a gentle downward jar, the tool assesses whether the X Lock is correctly set. The pin on the X Check Set is designed to shear if the lock is properly collapsed. Upon retrieval, an unmarked or unsheared pin would indicate that the X Lock is incorrectly set.


  • Verifying whether X Locks have been correctly set into profiles of corresponding sizes.
  • Identifying instances where locks are incorrectly set.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Features a pin mechanism designed to shear off if the fishneck of the X Lock is completely collapsed.
  • Specifically designed for use with the X Lock.
  • Available in different material and sizes.