X Equalizing Assembly

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The X Equalizing Assembly provides a single run to set and a single run to pull/plugging system.


The “X” equalizing assembly consists of three parts:

1. Valve Housing 2. Equalizing Valve 3. Valve Cap

The valve housing connects to the packing mandrel of the “X” lock assembly.


The “X” plugging equalizing assembly can be used for other applications such as electronic shut in tools, check valves etc.


The “X” equalizing plugging assembly is made up to the pin end of the “X” lock assembly packing mandrel.

The lock assembly is pinned to the “X” running tool and running prong.

The “X” running tool is set in the desired running position and lowered in the well to the desired nipple depth and set. As the running tool is sheared from the set plug, the running prong pulls the equalizing valve to the sealed position.


Be sure full equalization has been achieved before upward jarring is commenced when pulling the plug assembly from the nipple profile.