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The XN Lock is the non-selective version of the X Lock. The keys are composed of an angled shoulder which is designed to fit in the bore restriction of a nipple which has a bottom no-go that is smaller than the seal bore. This device is designed to be used in single installations or to be used in a bottom XN profile nipple in a series of X nipples. XN locks can only be landed in a XN profile nipple with an appropriate equalizing bottom attached to the no-go on the profile nipple no-go.


The “XN” lock mandrels with the flow control components are designed for the “XN” seating nipples installed in standard weight tubing. These lock mandrels similar in design are non – selective. Once landed in the seating nipple these mandrels are mechanically locked. This is done by driving the expander sleeve behind the keys, holding the mandrel in a locked position.

Running tool required is “X-line” and pulling tool required is “GS” or “GR”.


Ensure the ratchet rings on the expander sleeve and inner keys are not excessively worn.

All common sizes & material specifications available. Other sizes available upon request.