Sliding Sleeve Elastomeric

Sliding Sleeve Elastomeric


Brace Tool Sliding Sleeves are downhole flow control equipment used mainly in multizone gas completions, or between packers isolating different producing zones.

Sliding sleeves come in two different configurations, up to open, and down to open. This designates which way the inner sleeve must travel to align the inner and outer ports of the sliding sleeve to allow for communication between the tubing and annulus.

Elastomeric sliding sleeves are used in moderate pressure wellbore conditions, not exceeding 200 ° Celsius or 400° Fahrenheit, and 35 MpA, or 5000 PSI.

Sliding sleeves may come with our without profiles depending on the wellbore requirements.

*Smaller or larger sizes available upon request, as well as custom materials, and a wide range of thread specs.

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