D2 Shifting Tool

Definition - What does D2 Shifting Tool Equipment mean?

As the name suggests, the function of the shifting tool is to open, close & shift the position of the flow circulation devices or sleeves inside the bore hole. The operations performed using shifting tools are conducted without making the hydrocarbon production process to halt. The D2 type shifting tools is specially designed when a Baker Style “L” shaped sliding sleeves has to be shifted.

Bracetool explains D2 Shifting Tool

D2 type shifting tools helps in shifting the Baker Style “L” shaped sliding sleeves. These tools also provide a safe, selective and controlled method of opening and closing Baker Style “L” shaped sliding sleeves.

Some of the advantages of using D2 type shifting tools is as follows:

  • Automatic locating collet and once it is located, these tools triggers the alarm / indicator at operators control panel at the surface. It also indicates when the tool passes through a sleeve or nipple.
  • Even after the shifting tool is seated in the sleeve, it can be released without shifting the closing sleeve.
  • Open & close the sleeves in one trip