Fishing Tools

Definition - What does Fishing Tools Equipment mean?

Fishing tools are the specialized well workover & intervention tools that are mechanically operated and helps in the recovery or retrieval of other equipment or tools that are accidentally fallen into the wellbore or are left over inside the wellbore because of any uncertain reasons. A fishing tools consists of multiple other tools which forms a part of a complete fishing tool assembly. All such tools are screwed in the end of the fishing string and dropped inside the bore to catch other leftover tools.

Bracetool explains Fishing Tools

Fishing tools helps in the retrieval of well equipment such as well tubing, liners, packers or any other stucked object. It becomes mandatory to pull out all the leftover or broken pieces of equipment from the wellbore in order to continue further drilling process and keep the wellbore free from metal debris from oilfield tools & equipment.

At the worksite, if any tool has fallen into the wellbore or leftover in the wellbore accidentally, it is referred to as by the term “Junk” or “Fish”. Thus, tool which removes fish is called as a fishing tool.

The Fishing tools fall into four categories listed below:

  • Diagnostic Devices: These devices helps in diagnosing the surface of the fish or the tool that is left over in the wellbore so that the fisherman or the operator at the surface can custom design the fishing tool to facilitate the attachment between the fishing tool and the leftover tool.
  • Inside grappling devices: These type of grappling devices are called spears that have threaded and tapered profile. These tools can mesh up along the threads of the left tool and performs a recovery process.
  • Outside Grappling Devices: These type of grappling devices are called overshots and they are fitted with threads to swallow the fish and hold it when it is pulled out of the hole.
  • Jars or Intensifiers: As name suggest, these tools perform a downhole hammer action on the surface of the fish to give a high impression impact. Later on this impression, the fishing tool can be hooked up to recover the fish or the leftover tool.