Tool String Equipment

Definition - What does Tool String Equipment Equipment mean?

Tool string equipment are those equipment that can be fixed on the wireline and slickline tools and can be put inside the borehole for any well workover and intervention processes. These equipment are specially designed in such a way that they get fixed on the fixtures over the wireline at one end and propagated inside the bore along with the wireline and slickline.

Bracetool explains Tool String Equipment

Some of the tool string equipment used in the well workover and intervention processes is as follows:

  • Centralizer – Its purpose is to keep the tool string in the middle of the bore hole so that it only touches that portion of the bore over which operation needs to be performed.

  • Chisel - It helps in scratching or chiseling the cement from walls, scale, hydrates, rubber and other debris that hinders the flow in the wellbore.

  • Broaches - Helps in removing any burrs caused in the tubing because of perforations.
  • Knuckle Jars - These helps in proving flexibility in the wireline.

  • Knuckle Joint - These helps in providing angular movements between various equipment parts and segments.

  • Line Cutters - These are also called as Cam Cutters. Helps in cutting the line.

  • Quick Connect - It helps other tools and equipment to connect quickly without using threads.

  • Rope Socket - Helps in tieing the wireline with the tool string

  • Roller Stem - This is used when wells are oriented in horizontal directions and are used instead of high density weight bars.

  • Weight Bar - This is also known as Stem or Sinker bar. Purpose of this tool is to overcome the pressure from fluid inside the well when other tools and equipment are moved downwards in a borehole.

  • Swab Bar - Helps in Retrieving hydrocarbons from wellbore.

  • Swivel Joint - This tool helps in rotation or swivel of the other tools & equipment without allowing tool string to actually rotate or twist.

  • Tube Bar - Used when spang jar is difficult to use.

  • Tubing End Locator - This tool helps in locating the end of tubing and has provisions to take samples from bottom of an oil well.