Equalizing Assembly

Definition - What does Equalizing Assembly Equipment mean?

Equalizing Assembly are the part of wireline equipment and slickline tools and helps in setting and pulling various wireline and slickline tools and equipment. There are many types of equalizing assemblies available such as

  • B - Choke Assemblies
  • G – Equalizing Assemblies
  • A Choke Assembly
  • PX Equalizing Assembly
  • T Choke Assembly

Bracetool explains Equalizing Assembly

  • B choke equalizing assemblies – These tools and equipment are used when the flow of the gas stream needs to be blocked. This tool is used when the hydrates and sand bridges are to be eliminated or controlled from further development in the well because of flowing gas stream.
  • G Equalizing Assemblies – This tool acts as a blanking plug and its purpose is to control and hold the pressure in the set range from above and below when it is assembled with any of the S, W or Z locking tool.
  • A choke assembly – This tool assembly helps in limiting the flow to evaluate the production volumes. It is assembled in conjunction with X & XN locks.
  • PX Equalizing Assembly – It holds the pressure differentials once it is attached to X & XN locks.
  • T Choke Assembly – It helps in providing a controlled flow rate of hydrocarbons in the upward direction.