Mechanical Tubing Punch & Perforator

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The Mechanical Tubing Punch is able to punch holes in downhole tubing. It is used to aid in the draining of fluid from the tubing when the tubing needs to be removed from the well. It can also be used as a method to allow communication between the tubing and casing for injection of chemicals or to circulate kill fluid. Another use is to allow additional productive zones to be introduced to the production string when permitted.


Set a collar stop or tubing stop at the desired depth that you would like the tubing punched.

Run the Mechanical Tubing Punch in the well and set down onto the collar stop or tubing stop.

Open the spang jars and jar down 1 or 2 times to shear the 3/16” brass shear pins in the main body and sliding rod. Do not jar down excessively as you risk shearing the steel shear pin that is meant as a safety mechanism.

Once the Brass shear pins have been sheared, pull up on the tool string and open the Spang jars. This will allow the Sliding Rod to move upward and move the punch outwards to make contact with the tubing I.D.

Punch Size: 2.87”