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What is a Swaging Tool?

The Swaging Tool is designed for resizing tight spots and light collapses to tubing drift diameter, cleaning knurled threads from tubing joints, and as a wire locator when fishing lost wireline in tubing. The Swaging Tool can also be used as a centralizer if it has a threaded box on the bottom end. The Swaging Tool is typically attached to a tool string with sufficient stem weight and lowered to the obstruction and jarred downward until dropping through. The procedure of Jarring upward and back through the tight spot is repeated until the swage passes the obstruction with little or no difficulty.


  • Resizing tubing drift diameters.
  • Cleaning knurled threads from tubing joints.
  • Could be used as a wire locator.
  • Can be used for centralizers when a threaded box is provided at the lower end

Key Features & Benefits

  • Can be used as a solid centralizer if a threaded box is provided at the lower end of the tool.
  • Can come in solid and fluted models as desired.
  • Can be configured with custom diameter to suit customer requirements.