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Used to pressure test tubing and check for leaks.


Set the XO Test Tool in selective or nonselective, depending on which nipple in the tubing string it is to be set in. Typically ran to the XN nipple and then moved up hole and set in X nipples until the problem is narrowed down to a particular section of the tubing string.

Attach XO Test Tool to the tool string and lower into the wellbore to the desired profile nipple then set and pressure test. Equalize by lifting the dart off of the seal insert and allow fluid to bypass, once equalized, pull from the nipple and move up to the next nipple in the tubing string and repeat.


The XO Test Tool must be run with a SSJ pulling tool so as not to damage the seal ring when jarring down. The XO must be set into the selective position when travelling through X nipples to set in a XN.

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